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Today is going to be very tough and we are all having to deal with it.

But can we also please speak about TOMORROW?

At least we know that TOMORROW we are still going to have to eat and eat healthily. And we are going to have to make more of an effort as a community.

We also know that TOMORROW it will be spring and that’s a good thing. Our farmer’s crops are starting to be ready but with no restaurants to buy their superior British produce it could rot in the fields and greenhouses just at the time it is needed most.

Our friends at NATOORA have the trucks and the expertise to hunt down the very best in local produce and reduce food miles. We have the COAL OFFICE restaurant ready to organise and to chop and retail. We have a big but dormant TOM DIXON shop bang in the middle of Kings Cross ready to sell, to distribute and to give surplus to those in need.

Now we need YOU and ANYONE that loves food. Anyone that needs the freshest vegetables straight from the fields of Dorset, of Kent and of Cornwall. People that love the famous COAL OFFICE fresh baked bread. People that want some quality wine from LIBERTY WINES to drown their sorrows. Anybody that wants a good nourishing honest soup or vegetable stew. People that believe that you are what you eat. Anyone who wants to help the people with no shelter. Kind of everybody, really.

So, this is how it works:

  • Check our Instagram @coaloffice to find out TODAY the recipe that we will cook TOMORROW
  • Pre-book the cooked version or simply come and pick up the ingredients and make it yourself.
  • If you are self-isolating, we can deliver by Deliveroo. Email – ToYou@CoalOffice.com

If you’re one of our stoic NHS workers, please take 50% off the price

Open Monday – Saturday: 12pm – 7pm

4-10 Bagley Walk, Kings Cross, London N1C 4DH

Contactless shopping, pre-ordering, and online payment. NO CASH.

Any unsold boxes will be donated to Shelter from the Storm and our local food bank.

The safety of team and customer continues to be our priority and will ensure we follow the government guidelines very strictly. Our Team will be traveling to and from work with their own transport (bikes, walking, cars)

If you also have a restaurant or a community kitchen and are doing something similar, speak to us we may be able to help.

Contact us via email – ToYou@CoalOffice.com

Daily Recipes

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Friday 27th March: Spicy Tomato Salad Recipe

Saturday 28th March: Harira Soup Recipe

Sunday 29th March: Bloody Marry Recipe

Monday 30th March: Coal Office Ratatouille Recipe

Tuesday 31st March: Coal Office Polenta Recipe

Wednesday 1st April: Stuffed Onions Recipe