Coal Office X Sweaty Betty

Come along to learn, move, build confidence, stretch and nourish in this unique food and wellness collaboration.

Located in the unique and stunning setting of the building’s 19th century arches, we’ve teamed up with Sweaty Betty to curate a schedule of events that promote wellbeing and mindfulness.

Priced at £20 per person, each participant will be treated to a 60 minute session from a specialist instructor, plus a gift from Sweaty Bag, bag and a £20 voucher to spend in-store.

After the class, enjoy a complimentary drink at the Coal Office.

Confidence workshop through dance

with Vivian Gabel

21st February (6-7pm)


In this workshop, choreographer and teacher, Vivian Gabel will lead a workshop focusing on the development of confidence and self-esteem through a mixture of dance styles. This is a great opportunity to join a space to get out of the routine, uplift each other and, most importantly, have fun and enjoy yourself.

Hatha Flow Yoga

with Catherine Weston

28th February (6-7pm)


Wind down from your day with a nourishing hatha flow yoga practice. A mix of standing and seated postures laced together through smooth transitions at a peaceful pace that compliments the rhythm of the breath.

Catherine teaches classes in some of London’s top studios, including Triyoga and East of Eden. She hosts workshops in London and the UK, retreats through the UK and Europe, and has taught yoga to premier league footballers and their youth teams.

Transform through breath & sound

with Aimée Buchler, The Rise Room

7th March (6-7:15pm)


Prepare to go on a deep dive with breath and sound. As Aimée guides you into deep breathing, you will enter a hypnotic and dreamlike state called transient hypofrontality. When in this state, you are able to move your attention from the mind to the body and release stored energy from past traumas and challenges. On top of that, by breathing deeply for long periods of time, you will deeply oxygenise the body allowing your organs to get the nourishment they need.

Aimée Buchler has worked as a health optimisation specialist for some of London’s most elite CEOs for many years. (Even for members of royal families all over the world.)

Nutrition 101

with Georgina Murphy, Glow Nutrition

14th March (6-7pm)


Nutrition 101: A Nutritionists Guide to Eating for Optimal Health – Are you tired of conflicting nutrition information and struggling to determine what’s best for your body? Do you suffer from digestive issues, fatigue, skin problems, mood swings, or weight concerns? Join Registered Nutritionist Georgie Murphy for a comprehensive 1-hour session delivering the ‘Nutrition 101’ and setting the record straight on common myths around foods. Discover how to eat for optimal health and maximise your wellbeing while minimising the risk of chronic disease. Say goodbye to bloating, excess wind, constipation, diarrhoea, energy slumps, fatigue, skin issues, mood swings, and poor concentration. With the right guidance, dietary changes can support better energy levels, better sleep, improved mood, clearer skin, and more. This session is your chance to learn the facts and set the record straight on what a healthy diet truly looks like. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take charge of your health and wellness!

Move & Connect

 with Aimée Buchler, The Rise Room

21st March (6-7pm)


This is one of The Rise Room’s most popular experiences! A wholesome treat encompassing 2 key aspects of wellbeing. These are movement and breathwork accompanied by the magic of sound healing. In this 60 minute experience, you will connect to your mind, body and heart through movement, breathwork and sound.

Start the year WELL

Come along to learn, move, build confidence, stretch and nourish in this unique food and wellness collaboration with Sweaty Betty and Coal Office.