The Story, so far

An Israeli chef meets a British designer.

A collaboration is born.

Chef Assaf Granit and British Designer Tom Dixon are masters of their own worlds.

Coal Office is their food and design playground—rich in material, style and flavour.

Together they complement one another and push the boundaries.

“Our ambition is to create sharper flavours and surroundings. It’s rough and raw, but in a polished way. Our instinct was anchored by a single thought; to offer an active and engaged experience beyond just eating” explains Assaf Granit.

Coal Office Restaurant reflects a juxtaposition of rustic, textured backdrops cleverly situated amid a modern, contemporary setting of stunning interior design features.

The restaurant’s immersive dining experience mirrors the unique, engaging traditions found throughout Jerusalem, the Middle East and the Mediterranean.

Expect a culinary journey of discovery.